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”Punching Her Way to Fame!” with Alicia Doyle…

April 22, 2022

Ep. #182 - Punching Her Way to Fame! An interview with Author, Journalist and Ex-Boxer, Alicia Doyle. 

I am thrilled to welcome Alicia Doyle to this Empowering Chat. Alicia shares her story of how she got into professional boxing in her late twenties and how through that experience she thought she had found a cure for her depression.  And she did, but it was temporary. The fast-paced world of sports and boxing was such a strong focus that it provided her a distraction for the 2 years she was actively competing.

Eventually she learned how to release the rage and find her self-esteem. Alicia works with at-risk kids and has incorporated all that she learned in the boxing ring into her daily life. She mentors troubled youth and is a guiding light for them.

Her book, Fighting Chance, is not only about her life as a female boxer in a male-dominated sport but it is also about her story of survival in the ring of life.

I’d like to share this excerpt from her book:

I never expected boxing to infuse my psyche emotionally, spiritually and mentally, and put me on a path toward enlightenment. To this day, the skills I discovered in the ring translate to everyday life. I learned that the fight starts from within – and when faced head-on with conviction, honesty, vulnerability and faith, the battle is sublime.

Alicia recognized that the way out of her depression was to face her dark fears and lean into her experience as a boxer. Her book, Fighting Chance, tells that story. And writing it also helped her heal.

In this episode we share stories of struggle, light and inspiration.

To purchase Fighting Chance visit: AliciaDoyle.com/buy-fighting-chance

To learn more about Alicia Doyle and the work she does visit her website: AliciaDoyle.com

To Learn more about how I show up in the world I invite you to visit my website: SusanBurrell.com

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