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”Unlock The Burnout Barriers” with Anne Bérubé…

May 13, 2022

Ep #185 - Unlock The Burnout Barriers. An Interview with author, Anne Bérubé.

I have to start by exclaiming how impacted I was by my guest for this episode of Empowering Chats. I joked with her at the start of our interview about how much I felt her latest book, entitled, The Burnout Antidote, A Spiritual Guide to Empowerment for Empaths, Over-Givers and Highly Sensitive People was written specifically for me. Anne Bérubé is an author and a teacher / coach, and she also runs workshops she calls “Happy Sessions."

Anne and I had a lively and insightful conversation about those choices we make and how we find ourselves in burnout situations. So much of what Anne has written about speaks directly to me. And I have a feeling it will do the same for many of my listeners. Anne shares how she  used to carry a limiting belief that you can’t experience burnout when you are living your purpose. If you are living your purpose, how can you burnout?

That’s when she realized that the place she was giving from was not sustainable because it was based on beliefs of needing to please and be needed, or liked by those she was serving and helping.  And so, she found herself going through this process of digging deep to finding out who she was at her core.  She had to ask herself, “Who was I before people started needing me?”

Anne talks about the power of the patriarch and how that differs from the energy of the feminine. She goes onto express that feminine power is the source embedded in our earth, we are all sourced from the feminine. She feels we all need the grounding of our Mother voice, the one that says: “I am holding you. I am nurturing you. I am not going anywhere. I love you.” Anne and I both agree that we need to learn to love ourselves like that and recognize the masculine energy is actually a servant to the feminine and when they work together it can be powerful for everyone involved.

To learn more about Anne Bérubé visit her website at: AnneBerube.com

To purchase her book visit: AnneBerube.com/podcast-books

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